WhatsApp: Connection verification can soon be done with a simple call


MESSAGING This new feature aims to simplify the connection to the application and will only be available on Android.

WhatsApp is developing a new method to allow its users to authenticate on a new device. Until now, this was done via a code sent by SMS.

But the verification can soon be done via an automatic call, at least on Android, the only mobile operating system allowing access by third-party applications to the phone’s call log reports WABetaInfo relayed by Phonandroid. WhatsApp will call the user directly to verify that he is indeed the source of this new connection.

No release date yet

The user will not need to pick up and talk to anyone. After the call, WhatsApp will directly access the call log to verify that the account is that of the user. With this new process, WhatsApp wants to make it easier for its users to connect to the application.

Regarding personal data, the Facebook subsidiary ensures that they will only be used for authentication. In the future, WhatsApp could also allow you to identify yourself directly on Instagram. The company has not yet given any launch date for this new feature.

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