VoIP: what is it?


Voice service transported over IP network. Initially, the most widely deployed network infrastructure in the world was that of telephone networks. It was, therefore, necessary to adapt the data transport to a medium that was not designed for this, in particular using modems. Today, the situation has almost been reversed: the most widely deployed network infrastructure and, above all, the most flexible since it is digitized is that of the Internet and its IP protocol. It is this infrastructure that is now intended to transport everything, and it is the transmission of voice that must be adapted to this network designed for data.

The acceleration of the speeds of the Internet interconnection arteries, the “quality of service” offers such as the guaranteed speed, and the implementation of an equivalent of the SS7 telephone signaling system (establishment and cut-off of communication, management of additional services such as call waiting or line transfer) lay the real foundations for an efficient telephone transmission service over the Internet, VoIP.

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