How to Blur your property from Google Map?

google map street car

There is a way to prevent a stranger from knowing your address or seeing your home/license plate/faces through Google Map

Thankfully, you can ask Google to permanently blur your property out. The blurring process is surprisingly easy.

If you want to find out your house/property on Google Maps, You can simply go to Google Maps and enter your address. When the map will load you will see a small stick figure on the left side of your screen. So drag that stick figure at your house/property and it will appear. And if it won’t appear in blue on the map’s then your house has not been photographed by Google Map’s Street view.

Here its the process how to hide your property:

  1. Open Google Map and enter your address

2. Bring up the street view of your property

"street view & yellow shape icon
Street view & yellow shape icon

3. Drag the small yellow human-shaped icon to your property. “Human-shape icons are in the bottom-right corner of the screen”

4. Click on it “report a problem” on google map

Google Map "report a problem & center the box of your property
Report a problem and adjust your property

5. you have to adjust your house/property in the red box.

6. Then you have to fill out the form and verify the code and “submit” it.

google map form
Fill out the form

Google will take a few days for your process, I am not sure how long Google takes to process the requests

Then check out on Google Map after a few days, and you will get it done.

As well as, you can get faces and license plate blurred by doing this same process. So people on Google Map users won’t come to know your license plate and faces.

Keep this in mind that once it has blurred your property then “it is permanent”.


google map street car

Many people don’t realize it but Google Map Street view car actually driving around the street and take a picture of the whole street.

img source: reader’s digest

You can do the process to hide/blur your house so Google Map users will not see your house/property.

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