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If your former shiny, new PC / LAPTOP is starting to lose some of its luster, there are ways to make it faster in its phase. Do you have a computer / laptop system that is slow or hangs up? So there is no need to be worried. Here are some quick, easy ways to improve its performance without swapping out any hardware. I will share with you some tips and tricks regarding this issue today. After which your system will start running faster.

Disable Startup Programs

Do you know? Your Windows system consists of applications and software. Friends, along with being on your system, they also run in the background. You might not know. Hmm …. So think that if the application is run automatically in a startup, if you close it, Ram will definitely be free in a little system ..! And if a little bit of Ram will be free, then it means that the system will definitely be a little faster…!

Follow the steps given below:

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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