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Vivo has always been at the forefront of concept smartphone design, especially when it comes to camera innovation. This year, Vivo Apex first introduced a sub-screen selfie camera, and also before that, its predecessor was the first to receive a pop-up camera. Now Vivo is once again gaining global attention with a new concept smartphone camera design that can be detached from the body of the device.


Vivo’s new concept device with a detachable front camera is called the IFEA. It received a Red Dot Design Award for a modular selfie camera that can be used as a stand-alone device. Apparently, the disconnected camera can be used at a distance from the concept smartphone.

As described on the Red Dot website, the removable camera can be controlled using voice commands. The Red Dot Product Brief goes on to say:

“IFEA has several accessories and support mechanisms with different modes to enhance stability and storage. As a result, video can be captured while walking or playing sports without compromising visual stability. The device can be used with the original smartphone camera without any problems. “

Apart from the snap with the detachable selfie camera, there is another one on the Red Dot website that shows the display and the back of the Vivo smartphone. As expected, the screen is solid, without bangs and holes. There is also a multi-camera system on the back. This means that Vivo will not make a removable camera the main one.

Vivo’s Plans?

It’s unclear how Vivo plans to leverage this new modular camera design. Will this allow users to swap out selfie camera modules, or can you simply detach the module from the smartphone for remote use? Vivo has not yet commented on this news about its innovative smartphone.

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