The best data recovery software

The best data recovery software has selected the best data recovery software to help you find your mistakenly deleted files.

No one is safe from unfortunate data loss. If you are a victim of a hard drive crash, accidental deletion of files, or even a virus infection of your PC. The loss of your documents, photos, and videos might not be permanent.

Of course, there’s software that specializes in recovering deleted files. While most are easy to find deleted files. Data recovery depends on several parameters and can never be 100% guaranteed.

If a file is deleted from a storage medium is not really deleted. When a file is stored on a hard drive, the location it is in and marked as busy. Once this file is “deleted”, the storage area where the document was located is indicated as free. After all, the file is still present on a storage medium, until the new data is written back to it.

To hope to recover as many files as possible. You should therefore never work directly from the storage medium on which you want to recover your files.

The editorial staff of has selected for you the best data recovery software that will allow you to recover your files, both on the hard drive of your PC. As well as, on an external hard drive, a USB key and even a memory card. .

Recover all your data on the hard drive, USB stick, memory card

Recuva – The best data recovery software

With its easy-to-learn interface, Recuva is aim at both beginners and advance users. Its software is compatible with hard disks in fact, with USB keys and memory cards.

Once opened, Recuva displays a wizard that will offer you, if you wish, to target the search for deleted files on a specific type of file (photos, videos, music, documents, etc.). And will ask you for the location on which you want to search (the whole computer on a removable storage device, in the My Documents directory, in the recycle bin, etc.). If the first scan does not give convincing results. Recuva offers an option to launch a deep scan of the disk (Deep Scan). After all, this thing can take several hours, but it will increase your chances of recovering your files.

When Recuva has finish its scan, the list of all recoverable items is display. All you have to do is select the files you want to find and click on the Recover button to start the recovery process.

Download Recuva for Windows (Free)

Download Recuva Portable for Windows (Free)


Well known to Mac users, DiskDrill is now available on PC. This data recovery utility has a major advantage: a simple and intuitive interface, accessible to all.

After all, Detecting both internal drives and external storage devices. Of course, (USB drives, memory cards, and iPods). DiskDrill has multiple recovery algorithms and also, performs a quick scans and deep scans if necessary. Until all recoverable files are found.

Once the scan is complete, all you have to do is select a backup directory. Then click the “Recover” button to start file recovery. The free version of the utility can recover up to 500MB of data.

Download DiskDrill for Windows (Free)

Download DiskDrill for Mac (Free)

Microsoft File Recovery – The best data recovery software

For several months now, Microsoft has been offering Microsoft File Recovery , its own data recovery application. Completely free, it can be download from the Microsoft Store but intended for an inform public.

And for good reason, Microsoft File Recovery does not have a graphical interface. The application works entirely in command lines. It will allow you to recover accidentally deleted data from any storage media (hard drive, SSD, USB drive, memory card, etc.).

The utility supports NTFS, FAT, ExFAT and ReFS file systems and offers three modes of operation: Default (to recover recently deleted data), and Segment and Signature to launch a more in-depth search for corrupted or damaged storage devices. been formatted.

Download Microsoft File Recevory for Windows (Free)

PC Inspector File Recovery

Capable of operating on both NTFS and FAT12 / 16/32 file systems, PC Inspector File Recovery is able to recover your deleted data from hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.

The program automatically detects the partitions of your disks, even if the boot sector is damaged or deleted. In addition to recovering your files, PC Inspector File Recovery restores the various time stamps of your documents. The tool allows you to recover data on disks locally, but also on network storage media.

(Free) Download PC Inspector File Recovery for Windows

UndeleteMyFilesPro – The best data recovery software

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is, despite its name, with completely free software.

The interface of the program is sober, and, after clicking on File Rescue then selecting the volume on which you want to recover the deleted data (hard drive, usb key, etc.), UndeleteMyFiles Pro launches a quick scan.

Once this has been completed, a pop-up will appear showing you the number of documents found that can be retrieved. To access it, all you have to do is select the volume in the left column, then select the files that you can recover by clicking on Recover, and finally choose a destination directory. Simple and efficient.

Download UndeleteMyFiles Pro for Windows (Free)

Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery , on the other hand, can perform an in-depth search to find all the files that can still be recovered on a hard drive or an external storage device (USB sticks, memory cards, etc.) in FAT12 / 16/32 formats. and NTFS.

Very easy to use, Puran File Recovery only asks you to select the storage medium on which the files have been deleted, then to choose the type of search to perform. After performing a first quick scan, the tool displays the items found to be recoverable.

It is quite possible to restart a more in-depth analysis by checking the appropriate box to find more elements. This type of research obviously takes more time than traditional analysis, but increases your chances of recovering your data. Of course, the list of found recoverable files then appears in the lower window of a program. Also, it’s possible, by checking the box provided for this purpose, just to display the files found with their native tree structure.

The recovery is then done very easily, by selecting the items to save and then clicking on the Recover button.

Download Puran File Recovery for Windows (Free)

Glary Undelete – The best data recovery software

Compatible with most file systems (NTFS + EFS, FAT, NTFS), Glary Undelete is able to recover your deleted files. On a hard drive as a USB key or a memory card.

The program knows how to search for compressed files, can find fragmented documents and even offers the option of recovering encrypted files. Once the scan is start, the list of recoverable data is display directly in the main window of the software. Search results can be filter by name, date, size, etc. It is here just to help you find your most important documents more easily.

Then you just have to select the files to recover and click on the Recover button that will start the file recovery process.

Download Glary Undelete for Windows (Free)


Who better than a storage device manufacturer to offer a data recovery tool? Transcend demonstrates this perfectly with its RecoveRX utility , an easy-to-use recovery software primarily intended for the general public.

In fact, Compatible with hard drives just like SSDs, memory cards, and other USB keys, RecoveRX is able to recover all types of file formats: documents, images, video, etc. Its main advantage lies in an intuitive interface incorporating a real recovery wizard that guides you through the different stages of the process. Indeed, upon opening, RecoveRX displays the list of detected devices on which it is able to search for deleted files. The next step offers you to select the file extensions to search first for each type of file.

All items recovered by RecoveRX are automatically backed up to the root of your PC’s system drive in a directory called Recovered Files. Remember, however, to choose a directory or backup device that is different from the system disk in order to avoid overwriting to the system disk and running the risk of negating your chances of recovering deleted files.

Download RecoveRX for Windows (Free)

Download RecoveRX for Mac (Free)

Wise Data Recovery – The best data recovery software

The Wise Data Recovery utility is capable of recovering data both from your PC hard drive. And from external storage devices like USB drives, memory cards and other external hard drives.

It is very easy to use thanks to its perfectly intuitive interface. Wise Data Recovery operates on any type of file’s. You can thus recover your documents, photos, videos very easily after having launched the analysis of the medium concerned.

To ensure that data recovery works correctly, Wise Data Recovery requires you to use another storage medium to recover erased data, to ensure that no data can be written to the medium. source, which would lead to permanent loss of compromised files.

Note: Wise Data Recovery will allow you to recover your deleted files individually. And it is also be able to find complete directories.

Download Wise Data Recovery for Windows (Free)

Download Wise Data Recovery Portable for Windows (Free)

Undelete 360

After selecting the storage medium on which to recover your data. Undelete 360 launches an in-depth scan to find your files.

The program, which works with hard disks as well as with USB keys and memory cards. supports file systems formatted as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32.

Capable of recovering all types of files, Undelete 360 displays the recoverable items in a list showing the file name, status, size, as well as creation date. To ensure that you are getting the correct items, the utility offers a preview window where you can preview the file. The recovery of the files is done very simply, by selecting the different elements, then clicking on the Recover button.

Download Undelete 360 ​​for Windows (Free)

Recover Wi-Fi connection passwords

WiFi Password Revealer – The best data recovery software

It often happens that we can forget the password for the Wi-Fi connection at home when we want to connect a mobile device such as a smartphone, a tablet or a portable console. If it is possible to find the Wi-Fi connection password on Windows. The manipulation to get there is far from intuitive.

You have to enter several menus of the connection parameters before finally finding the password and being able to display it in clear text on the screen. To avoid this, there are utilities that will recover the login password for you very quickly. This is what, for example, the WiFi Password Revealer utility offers .

Once opened, the program is responsible for finding all the Wi-Fi passwords (WEP / WPA) that you could have entered and saved on your machine. WiFi Password Revealer even allows you to directly copy a selected password to paste it directly into the connection window. If you are using to imagining extend passwords, but still guarantees security for your connection.

Download Wi-Fi Password Revealer for Windows (Free)

Wireless KeyView

Another possible alternative to find the password of your Wi-Fi connection: WirelessKeyView .

Of course, this free utility works the same just like Wi-Fi Password Revealer. WirelessKeyView will also dig directly into the meanders of your computer to find the history of Wi-Fi passwords saved in the connection settings of your PC.

Its use is also childish since WirelessKeyView directly displays all the usernames and connection passwords stored on your machine. You just have to copy require a password to paste it directly in your login window. If you want to keep a physical copy of your Wi-Fi connection passwords, WirelessKeyViewoffers you to export them in a text file that you can then print. Be careful, however, to secure the storage of this sensitive data to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Download WirelessKeyView for Windows (Free)

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Recover software passwords and serial numbers

recAll – The best data recovery software

recAll is software that specializes in recovering software passwords and serial numbers.

The program takes you by the hand by offering an assistant who takes care of everything, or almost. Your computer is fully scanned and all recoverable items appear in a list including the name of the application, the recovered account login ID and password, and, in the case of software, the registration keys that will allow you to install them and activate them again on your computer. After all, if all the data has been found, then recAll will offer you to export it to a file (text, CSV, html, etc.) that you can consult later.

Download recAll for Windows (Free)


Lighter than recAll, ProduKey is very easy to learn. This software doesn’t require any single installation and instantly displays the list of licensed software that installed on your machine, with their product ID and associated product key.

A right click on a line allows you to copy the product identifier or its activation key. If you want to recover all this precious data at once, ProduKey allows you to save in a text file, all the perfectly organized data, including product name, identifiers and activation keys, etc.

Download ProduKey for Windows (Free)

Retrieve your personal data from Google and Apple online services

Google TakeOut – The best data recovery software

Of course, Google TakeOut online platform that offer by Google just to allow users of its services to upload their data.

Thanks to it, it is possible to recover all the personal data associated with Google applications and services: purchases and reservations, news, calendars, Googe Chrome data (favorites, history, passwords, etc.), but it is also contacts, Google files Drive, emails and attachments received in Gmail, and much more.

After selecting all the items you want to recover, Google Takeout generates a zipped archive containing all of your data.

Upload your personal data to Google TakeOut (Free)

Apple ID Data & Privacy

In the same vein as Google, Apple offers users of its products and services to easily retrieve all their personal data through its Apple ID Data & Privacy service . Once logged into the platform with your Apple ID, you can get a copy of your data by selecting the items you want to recover.

You will be able to obtain your activity related to the various Apple online stores, your repair requests, your iCloud calendars and reminders, your Safari bookmarks and playlists, your iCloud contacts, notes, files and documents, but also your emails and photos stored on Apple’s cloud. It may take up to a week for this data to be obtained while Apple generates the archive containing all of your items.

Upload your data to Apple ID Data & Privacy (Free)

Recover and/or repair lost or corrupted partitions

MiniTool Partition Recovery – The best data recovery software

Bad handling and it is the tragedy, you have just accidentally deleted an entire partition from your hard drive.

However, you can easily recover it using MiniTool Partition Recovery . This utility specialized in the recovery of deleted, damaged or inaccessible partitions, will allow you, in a few clicks, to go back and find your precious data. Just follow the steps offered by the software wizard (in English), to quickly find the missing partitions.

Download MiniTool Partition Recovery for Windows (Free)

TestDisk and PhotoRec

If none of the previous software has worked for you, try your luck with TestDisk . This utility, which operates in command lines, is however intended for advanced users.

Of course, you can recover lost partitions, and also repair corrupt partition tables. TestDisk can recover the boot sector of your partitions, but also rebuild them. Besides taking care of lost and corrupted partitions, TestDisk can recover your deleted files regardless of the file system used. Note that the utility cannot recover data stored on the partition from which it is run. If you are looking to recover data from your PC hard drive, you will need to connect your PC as an external hard drive in another machine.

To use TestDisk , first create a log containing technical information and analysis results for your media by clicking on “Create”. Then select the partition from which you want to recover lost data before choosing the type of partition table. By default, Testdisk selects the correct one.

To search for your data, then select Undelete. The TestDisk will displays the list of recently deleted files. Highlight the line with your files and press the C key on your keyboard to copy the items.

Navigate through your directories using the directional arrows on your keyboard, press Enter to enter the directory and press C again to paste your files.

Working hand in hand with TestDisk , PhotoRec is dedicated to photo recovery. It works on any medium regardless of its file system. PhotoRec can recover files from corrupted partitions as well as damaged or formatted file systems and supports over 180 file formats.

Download TestDisk for Windows (Free)

Download TestDisk for Mac (Free)

(Free) Download TestDisk for Linux

Gparted – The best data recovery software

Another possibility open to you, Gparted . The program, better known to Linux users for managing partitions on a hard drive, is also able to recover lost partitions.

And it is through the Live version, include a bootable version from CD or USB stick, that you can use Gparted Live to recover accidentally deleted partition or repair damaged partition. You just need to create the bootable CD or USB stick using the corresponding ISO disk image and then start your computer on it. Gparted Live then runs in its own environment and allows you to view your partition tables to manipulate them.

Download Gparted LiveCD (Free)

Download Gparted LiveUSB (Free)

Recover data from a PC where Windows no longer starts

Paragon Rescue Kit Free

Paragon Rescue Kit Free allows you to revive a PC that can no longer boot.

The tool creates a bootable CD or USB key with which you can start your PC and access its data to save them. Usable free of charge, however, it requires registration on the site of its publisher, Paragon, who will send you a registration key by email to activate the software.

Once the recalcitrant computer has been started with the Paragon Rescue Kit Free CD or USB stick , you can back up the data on your disks, restore a disk, a partition or just a few files, that transfer files to external storage medium, correct booting the system, editing the registry, or cleaning up the Windows user passwords by removing any user and administrator password.

Download Paragon Rescue Kit Free for Windows (Free)

Recover data on Android smartphone or iPhone

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Undeleter Recover Files & Data mobile app specializes in Android data recovery.

To work, it requires a rooted Android smartphone, but allows you to find documents accidentally deleted from your smartphone. To do this, the app scans the directory you have indicated to it beforehand (on the internal memory or the microSD card) and displays the list of deleted items that can be recovered.

Note, however, that in its free version, Undeleter Recover Files & Data only allows you to recover image files. You can then choose to save the files found on the phone memory, or simply upload them to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Download Undeleter Recover Files & Data for Android (Free)


There is another convincing solution just to recover data on Android smartphones or iPhones: MoboMarket.

This program is designed to manage files and documents stored on your devices, but also has a particularly interesting toolkit. It allows you to recover data stored on smartphones to save them on your PC, with a view to transferring them later to a new device.

MoboMarket’s “Toolbox” thus allows you to create backups of many files: contacts, SMS, call logs , photos, applications, and even music, a very practical option especially for iPhone owners who would like to transfer stored music. on their phone to their computer. To do this, select the type of items to back up, MoboMarket is responsible for creating a complete backup of this data which it stores in a dedicated directory.

Download MoboMarket for Windows (Free)

DiskDigger photo recovery

Never safe from mishandling, you may unwittingly delete precious photos stored on your smartphone or tablet. Rest assured, however, nothing is lost forever. DiskDigger photo recovery offers you to recover your photos deleted by mistake in a few very quick steps.

Working without the need to root your device, DiskDigger photo recovery offers to scan the contents of your smartphone and then display all the deleted files that it has detected and can be recovered.

To find your images, you just have to select the items to recover and then tell DiskDigger photo recovery the location where you want to recover the data. Be careful to select a directory that you are sure to find among the many files in the memory of your device.

Download DiskDigger photo recovery for Android (Free)

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