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EARN MONEY Online from Your Mobile – Sell Your Photos to Make Money

Hello friends. Nowadays, the world has gone very fast; you and I know it all. And in this pandemic, like Corona, many people are unable to go to the office. So those people can sit in their houses and do their office work at home easily. and can Earn Money Online. But those people who have to leave home for work, end up putting their lives at risk.

So to avoid this pandemic, many people are looking for part-time jobs or full-time jobs they can do from home. Generally, you all want to generate good income by sitting in your office, in your free time, or as a student. And everyone wants to do something which is not too hard to do.

Friends, today I am going to tell you something like this unique part-time job from home to earn money online. Everyone can do this, whether a student, an employee or a housewife! Now the question will come to your mind how can you earn money online by selling your photos from your phone ..? So guys, you can only do this: click good pictures using your phone. Now you will feel that if you take photos on your phone, what will you do with those photos?

So it is like this, there are many such online photos or videos of 2 to 4 seconds all over the world. They have a library of clips that run online. and they do business for millions of rupees. There are many sites that do this business. I am going to tell you about such a particular site today.


It is the world’s largest international company. It is a photo stock library. Its name is Shutterstock. Yes, is an international website. There are millions of contributors. Contributors mean any country, any village or town, or any country in the whole world. All these companies run campaigns that need all kinds of photos or videos. So basically people go to this site and search for a particular topic. There they get 200 to 500 photos of many types. Then they click on the photo they like. The cost is written below. So they pay the price to Shutterstock. Sites send those photographs to them. Shutterstock transfers 50 or 40 percent of that price to your account.

What you have to do is…

Now you have to upload 20 to 30 such pictures that you like to this site. Now you will think about what kind of pictures you can upload here. You can upload your own photo. Now you will also think that who will like my picture ..! So, let me tell you that there can also be a search on this site where people would like to pick up photos of people of normal size for modeling or a video.

Because not all people are like those who only like the pictures of well-maintained, healthy people. In short, you can upload your pictures. If this picture sale is successful, you will get money as well as publicity. when that picture appears in a video or a magazine. If you do not want to put your picture up, then you can click on the nice and interesting 100-200 pictures in your area or wherever you go to roam and upload them. There is no special skill to do this thing and no investment is to be made. So basically you can earn 20000 to 25000 in a month and can earn money online easily. Now I will tell you step by step how to do this process.

Steps For Upload a picture on Shutterstock

  • If you click on Create Account, some such screen will appear where you will have to add all your personal details.
  • After doing this, an email will come from Shutterstock on your e-mail, which you will have to verify.
  • In this way, you have to click on “PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VERIFY YOUR EMAIL.” Which will verify your email ..!
  • Now you will see some interfaces.
  • Now you have to give some more details. In which you have to give the address information.
  • Now your account will be registered on this site, so now you can upload pictures on this site.
  • On this site, people search by putting in particular keywords. Like Mountains in India. So related to this keyword, pictures will be found here. So you can add any type of picture here. Here you have to click on upload image.
  • Here you will be told from which specifications you have to insert pictures. You just have to click on GOT IT.
  • Here photos/files should be at least 4 megapixels. You have to upload at least 15 to 20 images here. Which Shutterstock will select selected photos.
  • One pop up will come which is why people who upload pictures for the first time, their team will check your uploaded photos to see if these pictures are good or not. Then they will give approval to your pictures.
  • It is important to give all the details such as the categories and especially the keywords.
  • If you upload the image for the first time, then this site will recommend that if you upload 15 to 20 images, it is good so that all 5 or 7 of your images can be approved. Now you can go to the dashboard.
  • If you upload the image for the first time, then this site will recommend that if you upload 15 to 20 images, it is good so that all 5 or 7 of your images can be approved. Now you go to the dashboard.
Shutterstock Dashboard
  • Come on guys, I will show you how your money will come and where it will come from…! Now, You have to go to your account settings. As mentioned the below image.
account details

payment method details
  • By going to the account settings, you must check your name, email, and all details. Once this is done, select your payment method. You have to choose PayPal. Why PayPal is an international site where you can easily transfer money. And if you have not registered on PayPal’s site yet, then you need only one mail to register your bank account. So you can register on PayPal and can give PayPal account here. Whatever mail id is entered while registering PayPal, has to be put in the payout email here.
  • Below is the option for minimum payout. This means that when your earnings are up to 35 $, then you can transfer the money to your account. If you want, you can increase more than 35 but you cannot insert less than 35.


So that’s it, guys. I have told you the easiest way to do this is to click photos from your phone and upload them to the Shutterstock site. Wherever you go, the view you like is an animal or a person. You can upload their picture by clicking. You can do all this because nowadays it is common to click pictures. So you can If you want tips on earning money like this, please leave a comment. And yes, also tell us whose payment will come through this site, also tell us. Thank you.

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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