how to get money fast and easy in one day It's possible ?

How to get fast and easy money in one day

I do not know what are the reasons that have led you to look for how to get quick and easy money in one day, the fact is that you have arrived here, the right place to find ideas available to everyone and achieve your goal.

As in all my articles, I will be clear with you from the beginning.

I’m not going to introduce you to the magic method by which you are going to get rich overnight.

Nor am I going to tell you the story of “how a single mother earns 547 euros/dollar a day and working from home.” Nor are you going to find here the story of “a young man who earns $ 15,000 a month with binary options and travels all over the world” … No. Nor am I going to show you photos of sports cars or travel. No, because I don’t like to lie to you or talk to you about miraculous methods that don’t exist.

So what are you going to tell me about, Shraddha?

In this article I am going to share with you ideas with which you will be able to earn some money in the same day, with hardly any effort. You are not going to become a millionaire, but it will help you cover any unforeseen expenses that have arisen. Your child’s glasses may have broken, or this month you may not have enough to pay the phone bill or perhaps an appliance has broken. In any case, they are expenses you did not count on and your wallet is shaking.

Before starting

As I told you at the beginning, I am not going to give you the secret method for you to learn how to get quick and easy money in one day, not because I don’t want to do it, but because I don’t have it. As simple as that.

And you know what? No one has it. Not that single mother or that young man in a sports car.

They earn money from the commissions that companies pay them for new subscribers to the programs they sell. Here’s why you should avoid all these false promises of easy money.

Stop and think about this: why are they sharing their secret to making money fast with the whole world? Why don’t they keep it to themselves? And why do they only dedicate 2 hours a day instead of 4 or 6 or even 8, to multiply their income?

For all this and more, my advice: do not believe everything you see on the Internet. 

I’m not saying that it is impossible to earn money online, of course, it can. But not overnight and without any effort. Like everything in life, to achieve it you need time, dedication, and effort.

I am not telling you this to discourage you, on the contrary my intention is that you do it but in the correct way and without deception.

Surely you are already wanting to know how to get money in one day, right? Well, let’s go with this list:

Surely some of these ideas had already occurred to you when you were thinking about how to get a little money today because they are the most common and the easiest to do.

Share your house or spare room

Make that room that you have free available to tourists, using a private rental website .

You can choose the available dates and the price at which you want to rent. But do not be greedy, otherwise you will not rent it even once.

The most popular website is Airbnb, there are also others that offer the same but are less well known. If you are not yet registered with Airbnb, find out how much you can earn for your accommodation and register here.

This idea to earn money is easy … good if you don’t mind sharing your home. The truth is not very fast because it depends on where you live the demand will be different. 

Get extra money in a day
Use that spare room to get income

Answer questions to earn money

Answering questions is easy and you can earn money doing it.

I’m talking about filling  out paid surveys .

Ok… it is not a quick method, but it is easy . You just have to answer a few questions about a product or service, or about your consumption habits. These answers help companies to improve said product and to know what consumers or users like.

I recommend you to register in i-Say  if you live in Spain, also in  Toluna.

If you live in Latin America, these pages will help you earn extra money: LifePoints and Toluna

Sell ​​the clothes or accessories that you no longer use

If you look in your closet, you may find at least five items that you have not used this year. You may have stopped using them because you no longer like them, they are no longer worth it or you didn’t even remember you had them.

Take the opportunity to clean your closet and take out everything that you no longer use. Check the clothes and if they are in good condition, sell them! On the Internet, there are several websites where you can do it.

It doesn’t take long to publish your ad and you can get to sell on the same day, great right?

Sell ​​those books you already read

If you are a reading addict and you have your shelf full of those books that you have read in recent years or in your entire life. You know that many of those books you will not read again, right? So why not sell them and get quick and easy money in one day.

You can sell novels, manuals, guides, or perhaps you have your children’s books from school from the previous year.

Make money selling your books
Selling your books can help you earn money

If you have been encouraged to do so, I recommend using second-hand sales websites such as Wallapop, Vibbo, eBay or selling them through Amazon.

It depends on the book, maybe you will sell it right away, others that are not very popular may take a little longer. In any case, putting up an eye-catching ad and taking a few photos won’t take long.

Sell ​​crafts and bring out your creative side

Have you thought about selling crafts to have extra income? It is a good idea, but it is not easy or fast, but it is not impossible either.

If you want to do it on a one-time basis or as a hobby, you can propose your creations to your friends or your family and that will take less time.

On the other hand, if you want to dedicate yourself more seriously, it will take you more time. And in this case, I recommend creating your own virtual store on Etsy, Ezebee or Facebook, or a physical store.

How to get quick and easy money in a day … with temporary jobs

If you don’t know how to make money fast today, you can do odd jobs to get it. Here are some examples:

Visit businesses as a Mystery shopper

This consists of making purchases or visiting a store while evaluating the attention you receive from the staff, or checking the status of the facilities. Of course, you should never reveal that you are a mystery shopper to the store employees.

This is a quick and easy temporary job that you can do in your city. The only downside is that you can’t do it when you want to. The company will contact you when it has a job available and will specify the deadline to do it.

Participate in consumer panels

Participating in consumer panels is also a job that you can do in a timely manner. The objective of these is to know the opinion of consumers about a product.

The downside of being a mystery shopper is that you have to wait to be contacted by the company. This will depend on your profile and your consumption habits.

Work on special events

If you still don’t know how to get money in a day, and if you have free and / or flexible time, you can look for jobs for events, fairs or conferences.

Have you seen the girls or boys who receive people at these types of events? You could be one of them.

For that you must sign up for specialized agencies and wait for them to call you for interviews, this is the downside, it may take days or weeks until they call you.

Normally this type of work is aimed at young university students who want to earn extra money.

Become a hairdresser model

Yes, as you have read, you can be a hairdresser model and earn money for it. Hairdressing schools teach their students in a practical way.

You dare?

You don’t need to go on a diet or anything like that, don’t worry. What does matter here is that you are willing or willing to make a change of look . It can be a haircut or a color change.

You can decide the limit of your change. I advise you to be sincere in this so that you do not get surprises when they finish.

Make money in one day
Become a hairdresser model

You can be an artistic model

Hairdressing schools are not the only ones that need models, art schools are also looking for models, but in this case they are looking for artistic models. That is, they pose so that their students can paint them.

For this type of temporary job you do not need to have a perfect body, all you need is to be comfortable showing your body.

Find out at art schools about how they hire artistic models or you can also look for advertisements on the Internet.

Prepare dishes on request

If you like cooking and you know that you are very good at it. Do not cut yourself and prepare food for other people: your neighbors, your friends, your family, …

Well, maybe it is not an easy or very fast job, there are many dishes that require time and a lot of skill.

There are websites where you can register and offer your dishes to people in your neighborhood, so you have a better chance of getting quick and easy money today.

Take care of young children

Do you have little brothers, nephews or cousins, whom perhaps you have ever cared for? So some experience you have.

If this is not your case, but you know that you get along well with the little ones, this will also help you.

Perhaps you should think about offering your babysitting or baby sitter services and in this way earn extra money. Talk to your neighbors, your friends, your parents’ friends, everyone you know. Someone hires you or will know someone who can.

Take care of and / or walk pets

If you like pets, this idea is perfect for you.

You could take care of pets or walk them when their owners cannot, it will allow you to earn extra money and they will be calm knowing that their pets are taken care of.

Talk to your neighbors and propose your petsitter service or register on specialized websites such as Dogbuddy, Pet & net, Holidog.

Become a private teacher

With your knowledge you can earn money, giving private classes in person or online.

You do not have to be a recognized doctor or mathematician, if you know better than someone else on a subject, you can do it.

For example, why not give support classes to elementary school children, high school students or perhaps university students? You can help them prepare for their exams. But you can also teach something more artistic like guitar or painting classes.


Some Internet advertisements assure you that you are going to learn how to get quick and easy money in one day and this can make your eyes shine, right? but unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are different methods that can make you earn money, yes, but you can also lose money. These ideas that I have shared with you can help you at specific times, but if you really want to generate passive income, look for more reliable methods but be careful, this also means that they will require your time and effort.

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