Cashback: earn money when you spend it!

Cashback. Earn money for spend money

Cashback… How many times have I already used this word on the blog! But do you know what it is? Cashback is the art of making money by … spending money.


To be clearer, it is when you make a purchase online and they refund a part of this purchase.


Yes, it’s basically that, but just to be clear I’m going to explain everything to you here. 🙂

How does cashback work?

Cashback is a very simple process.

  1. You sign up on one of the cashback websites.
  2. You are looking for the store that interests you. These websites offer you several online stores and services in different categories: health and beauty, fashion, computing, finance, home, travel, … Among them you will find some of the best known such as: Zalando, El Corte Inglés, Fnac, Kiko, The Body Shop, Iberia, Expedia, Booking …
  3. When you have found the store, you click on the link. The web will redirect you to the site of the online store.
  4. You do your shopping as usual, without worrying about anything else.
  5. After a few days, once the merchant has validated the transaction, the amount promised will be credited to your account on the cashback website.

And that’s it!

This is a small summary of how cashback works in the pages that I am going to talk about below and with which you are going to earn extra money.

Why do cashback websites offer you money for your online purchases?

Because they are that generous! 

Many websites offer affiliate programs. Be it Zalando, Fnac or Booking, they pay you every time you “send” them a new user. This is what we call a commission.

The cashback pages have formed collaborations with many of these websites and are paid every time they send someone to their websites, for example Zalando.

The concept of Crazy Time live game revolves around a giant wheel that is divided into different segments, each offering a variety of bonus games and multipliers. Players place their bets on the segment they believe the wheel will stop at, with the chance to win exciting prizes if their prediction is correct.

To encourage you to go through these websites they offer you money as a reward: an important part of the commission they receive is given to you, and this is what we call cashback .

Everyone wins:

  • The online store : win new customers without necessarily great marketing efforts, since the marketing has been done by the cashback page.
  • The cashback page: receive a commission from each online store for each new customer who signs up.
  • The user (YOU): you recover a percentage of your purchases. Between 2 and 40% normally. This is not a big deal, but if you do a lot of shopping on the Internet, this will be something more significant.

More than cashback!

Not content with giving you back some money in exchange for your purchases, the cashback pages regularly offer coupons or discount codes to use in some of the partner stores.

This is a double advantage, on the one hand they reimburse you for part of your purchases, and on the other, your purchase costs less than expected.

Below I will give you some examples 😉

There are several cashback pages in Spain and Latin America, but here I want to tell you about three, which are the ones that I use myself.


This website started in Spain in 2007 and is currently present in 14 countries.


Beruby is available in Spain and Latin America

In Beruby, in addition to cashback for your purchases, you will find a ” coupons ” section so that your purchases will be cheaper. Coupons can be used in your online purchases, local purchases, or in supermarkets.

Discount coupons for some fashion stores.

Other ways to earn money in Beruby are: register on pages, visit other websites, watch video, you will find these actions in the ” offers ” section

You can also invite your friends or acquaintances to register in Beruby. You receive 50% of the profits obtained by your guests in the offers section, except in bets, casinos and slots.

To request payment in Beruby, if you are in Spain you can do it through PayPal (minimum 1 euro confirmed) or bank transfer (minimum 5 euros confirmed). If you are in another country, it will only be done through PayPal (minimum 10 euros confirmed)

Available in Spain and some Latin American  countries Sign up for Beruby here .


This German company was launched in 2012 in Berlin. After its success, it has expanded to other European countries: Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


Aklamio pays you for your recommendations

Unfortunately, Aklamio has not yet reached Latin America. We’ll be alert!

Aklamio is another website where you can earn money by cashback, but there are other ways to earn money :

  • Recommendation: It is about recommending a product to your friends (there are more than 10 million on the web) and when they buy it you receive a commission.

Earn for recommending a product

  • Invite friends: When a friend of yours registers on the aklamio website through your link, you receive 10% of the commissions generated by him or her.

Invite your friends and win

Request your earnings from 1 euros and receive them in your bank account or in your PayPal account.

To sign up for Aklamio, click here .


ConSuPermiso belongs to the iBrands group and is present in Spain and Mexico. It offers different ways to earn money since 1999.

ConSuPermiso available in Spain and Mexico

In ConSuPermiso you also accumulate points for: filling out surveys, downloading apps, reading emails, registering.

Another way to win is by inviting your friends. You earn 1 euro for each one (up to a maximum of 10) and they earn 0.30 euros on their account. You also earn for their actions, for this there are four levels that will depend on the number of referrals you have.

You can request the payment of your winnings when you have added 30 points, that is, 30 euros, and it will be sent by bank transfer.

Sign up for ConSuPermiso here .

Some questions that you will surely ask yourself about these cashback pages:

Are they free?

Yes, registration on any of these cashback pages is completely free.

Is the product or service more expensive if I go through a cashback page?

No, the product is not more expensive. At the time of purchase, the price will not change, whether or not you go through the cashback page.

In any case, they may be cheaper for you. For example, in Beruby they offer you discount coupons, so you can benefit from them in your purchase, at the time of payment.

Do they really work?

Yes, cashback really works. I understand that you have your doubts, but I have tried it myself and I assure you that they have confirmed the balance in my account.

Where does the money I earn in my cash back account go?

Once you have made your purchase, the money is transferred to your “cashback account”. Once the store has confirmed the operation, you can request it in different ways, depending on the cashback page you use:

  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • In no case will they offer you the money in the form of discount coupons or gift vouchers. This is why the term cashback is used regularly: it is about cash, cash, hard and fast.

Is there a minimum profit to be able to withdraw the money?

Yes. It depends on each cashback website. Check the information above🙂

Is a single cashback page enough?

Most of the online stores in Spain are collaborators of the most important cashback pages, with the exception of Amazon. So you won’t see a big difference in the supply of stores.

However, cashback percentages are sometimes very different from page to page. It can be really interesting that you sign up for more than one website, especially if you have the habit of buying online, whether you buy an iPad, food or travel.

Does it take a long time for the money to reach my account after the purchase?

Cashback can sometimes take some time to be credited to your account. Because for example, some online stores do not inform the website of cashback until after the package has been delivered and after the return period has been exceeded. In the case of travel websites or hotel reservations, the cashback will not be reimbursed until the service has been consumed; since you could cancel the trip or hotel night at the last minute.

Is it possible to cancel a purchase and still receive the cashback?


The stores already have it planned. As I told you before, your cashback will not be validated until after meeting some conditions. It is not possible to cheat the system.

But why are these cashback pages sooooo generous?


These pages earn money for each of the transactions that are made through their links. It’s not much: on the one hand they reimburse you for a part of your commissions and on the other, the transactions can be low-priced thanks to the discount coupons they have. But if you multiply the little money they earn with each of your transactions by the number of transactions that each of us make each month and the number of members they have, you will see that their earnings will increase rapidly.

Then it is in your own interest that you offer us the highest possible cashback and if possible interesting discount coupons . They will also encourage you to use their link, this one that will allow YOU and THEM to earn a little money.

Everyone wins, so… don’t be shy. Sign up for any of them!

«Beruby here»

“Aklamio here”

«With your permission here»

Combine cashback with other ideas to earn money

These are some of my suggestions:

  • Give your opinion and win for it. This is possible with paid surveys. For me, the best pages in Spain are Toluna and also i-Say. In Latin America, you can also find LifePoints and Toluna.
  • You can also earn money by viewing banner ads.
  • Other pages like Clickxti or SumaClicks pay you to click on an email.
  • Sell ​​clothes that you no longer wear. There are different platforms that allow you to do it. 
  • On the Internet, there are different ways to earn money.


Cashback is a cool solution to earn some money. Obviously, you will not make a living from this, but every time you make an online purchase you will have a refund for it. Easy right?

I recommend you sign up for several cashback pages: each website offers you different cashbacks, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Therefore, it is interesting to compare the cashbacks that each page offers you and see which one offers you the best refund for the store where you are going to buy.

You already know that I like you to tell me your experience, doubts, or questions. Do it below in the comments, or if you prefer contact me by email 😉

Tell me, have you used a cashback page? Do you know other cashback websites?

What do you think?

Written by Shraddha Diwan

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