Best Computer Tips and tricks You Should Know

Best Computer Tips and tricks You Should Know

Who does not use electronic equipment nowadays? In that too, the most used computer has become the necessity of life of all people ..!

The world of Internet has developed rapidly in India. It is very important that you can walk with the Internet world, shoulder to shoulder. But not everyone knows everything about computers. So, we have brought to ease your path, Best Computer Tips and Trick, we are sure that you will like this Computer Tips & Tricks. You will be able to tackle some of your daily life related tasks quickly with the help of these Computer Master Tricks.

Computer Tips and Tricks | Master Tricks

We are not going to tell you any boring computer tricks. Any trick we tell you will be completely new for you. And will always help in your daily life.

#1 Manage Programs Easily

You are always doing multiple tasks on the computer. There are many times when you have to switch from one program to another, in which you use a mouse. Doing this again and again also wastes your time. You can do this very easily which is a professional way. You will be able to switch the program easily with the shortcut key given below.

  1. ALT + TAB

#2 Minimize and Maximize Easily

Minimize and maximize are the most commonly used when you have to do multitasking. Sometimes you are running Facebook or any other social media and suddenly some such pictures come on your screen which you feel quite embarrassed when you see with your family members.

Or it also happens when you are typing something and suddenly someone comes, and you do not want to show what you are writing. So you minimize the screen. But it takes a while to do it with the mouse. But you will be able to do this very quickly with the help of shortcuts.

If you want to Minimize the screen, press the Windows Key + M key.
And if you want to Maximize the screen, press the Windows Key + Shift Key + M key.

  1. Minimize : WINDOWS + M 
  2. Maximize : WINDOWS  + SHIFT+ M
  3. Minimize and Maximize : WINDOWS + D 

Cool Command Prompt(CMD) Tricks

Why CMD?

The reason for this is very simple, you can do complex tasks with CMD very easily. This makes work quicker. Apart from this, you can also do things that you cannot do from the graphical user interface. And most important, you can impress anyone with it. Command Prompt can be done in such a way that you cannot even think about it. If you are a computer geek then you will surely like it.

#3 Hide Folder and Files  

Sometimes you believe it or not, it becomes a condition in which it is necessary to hide your files and folders. Why there can be any reason. Like worrying about data theft or any important documents that your office has given to handle. There are different types of software to hide files and folders, but you do not need to use these software, you will be able to hide files and folders from Command Prompt, without it.

Step ⇒ 1

 run dialogue boxcmd run

As seen in the picture above, press the Windows + R key simultaneously, after opening Run and typing CMD, open Command Prompt.

Step ⇒ 2

command prompt image   

Type attrib + h File / Folder Name.

h = to hide Files / Folder.

command prompt image to retrieve hidden folder on computer
If you want to unhide the folder, use -h instead of + h.

If you want to get more information about this command (attrib) then attrib /? Type in CMD, CMD will give you a lot of information about this command.

#4 Matrix Effect in Computer

You may have seen in many hacking films, some randomly text in green color on the computer, and those who do not know much about the computer feel that something is happening. But actually nothing is happening. It is just a matrix effect.

Additionally, Creating Matrix Effect is very easy, for this you will have to follow only a few steps. And all you have to do is copy paste a little bit.

Step ⇒ 1 Open Notepad first.

Step ⇒ 2 You have to paste this code.

@echo off
title “Matrix Effect”
color 0a
mode 1000
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto Start
Step ⇒ 3 You have to save it in the .cmd extension. And open it.
Now, see it’s amazing. it will impress your friends through it.
matrix effect

#5 Shutdown Computer with a Malicious Message

If you use this trick in your friend’s computer, then your friend may get scared badly.

Step ⇒ 1 Open Notepad first.

Step ⇒ 2 You have to paste this code.

Shutdown.exe -S -T 20 -C “Comment”
S = To shutdown
T = In how many seconds
C = Comment 

Step ⇒ 3 You have to save it in the .cmd extension.

If you want your friend to open it, then most importantly pay special attention to its name. And customize the icon.  And This will not doubt them in any way.

Best Notepad Tricks

do you know? You can do many amazing things with notepad! Perhaps you know that is why you are reading this post. And Believe you can do so many amazing things with notepad, which you would never have imagined. Oh no no! You can not hack NASA. But then you can do so much that will surely impress your friends.

#6 Your computer can talk to you !!

Yes of course your computer can talk to you. But whatever you want it will do the same thing.

Step ⇒ 1 Open Notepad first.

Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox(“What do you want me to say?”,”TALKING COMPUTER by Shraddha”)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak message

Step ⇒ 2 You have to copy the above code. And paste it into notepad.

♦ Here you can change your message instead of “What do you want me to say” and also in title “TALKING COMPUTER by Shraddha”

Step ⇒ 3 After pasting the code in Notepad, save it by any name in the .vbs extension, something like this in Ex. Talking Computer.vbs

notepad hacks on computer

#7 Shutdown the computer with the message

Friends, this is a trick with the help of which you can scare your friends or brothers and sisters a lot. If they have the right technical knowledge, however they will still be scared.

Step ⇒ 1 Open Notepad first.

Step ⇒ 2 You have to copy the code. And paste it into notepad.

Shutdown.exe -S -T 20 -C “ALERT..! Computer is Hacked – By By!”

Step ⇒ 3 After pasting the code in Notepad, save it by any name in the .bat extension, in this way Ex. Shutdown Computer.bat

#8 Use Notepad as a diary

Many people have their own Personal Diary. In which everyone writes about them and their lives. You can also use Notepad as a diary which will be in a digital form. India is going digital!

Step ⇒ 1 Open Notepad first.

Step ⇒ 2 .LOG

You have to copy above code. And paste it into notepad. You can also type if you want.

Step ⇒ 3 After pasting the code in Notepad, save it by any name in the .txt extension, something like this. Ex.My Personal Diary.txt

notepad diary  uses on computer

Try all the Notepad Tricks I have told you once. I have uploaded a text file to this code, now you can download it by clicking here. I would like to give you a suggestion, first of all save the file on the desktop. And put some name on it so that it can immediately be seen. And they are forced to click. 


Friends, I hope you liked this post Best Computer Tricks and Tricks. In which we have told how you can try something new and different things with the help of a computer. And as we said earlier, you can walk with this modernity of computer shoulder to shoulder ..! Moreover, How did you like this post, If you want to know similar tips and tricks, then do tell us  comment below.

What do you think?

Written by Shraddha Diwan

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