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Best Chrome Extensions needed to use during work

Best Chrome extensions - StepPhase

Best Chrome Extensions can Facilitating job development is the goal of many of these tools.

Factors of Best Chrome extensions

Optimizing time and increasing productivity are the foundations of all the technological tools that are executed focused on work environments.

With the need to implement the Home Office, many people have adapted their computers and cell phones to work tasks to achieve results similar to those obtained in an office.

That is why the development of applications that seek to facilitate teamwork have become so popular.

Best Chrome extensions on computers have not been the exception and more and more options for new problems arise.

Here are 5 Google’s Best Chrome Extensions that are necessary for a work environment


For the moment of writing reports, this is the best chrome extension that is very useful, since you will be able to copy several texts and make several pastes from the context menu.

  • To copy: Right click on the selected text -> Multicopy -> Copy this!
  • To paste: right click in the text area -> Multi-copy -> Select the entry

This option differs from the computer because the selection of the text can be multiple.


We previously detailed this extension that also allows you to organize your tabs and favorites in the browser to another level.

By installing this tool, each time you open the browser you will have an organization board, allowing you to improve the management of bookmarks and tabs in your browser.

This board organizes both your favorites and tabs in different columns.

One of the advantages of this extension is that it is also available in both Chrome and Mobile Firefox.

Session Box

To avoid inconveniences with the personal account and the corporate account, you can also have Session Box as an alternative to start several sessions without the need for incognito or secondary browsers.

“Your sessions are securely synced between your devices using your SessionBox account. Please login here and continue in any other browser,” says the download description for this extension.


Google Keep is the solution for many people who used to open the notebook on computers.

By downloading this extension you will be able to make annotations that you can later see on your cell phone or when you enter your email thanks to its direct access and its synchronization.

Sesame Time

Sesame is a time control tool, which allows transferring even remotely, making it an ideal option for the Home Office.

In addition to its extension for Google Chrome, it also has a web page enabled that allows you to start counting hours in a company only with a link.

With the COVID-19 crisis, this tool has streamlined its updates and increasingly offers more options for users in their jobs.

You can contact us to let us know if we are missing more best chrome extensions then let us know in a comment section below. I hope you like it and thank you for your visit.

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