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YouTube and Netflix have a big problem: it’s called TikTok

youtube amd netflix: In early 2019. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings surprised many by pointing to Fortnite as a direct competitor even more so than HBO . His focus wasn’t so much on beating the copper with other platforms with a line of business similar to his as on competing for the attention. And time that users invest in the Epic Games game. The key, as Hastings himself detailed, is to fight in a “highly fragmented market” with “thousands of competitors” .

One of those competitors that has been gaining strength for some time, has already starred in the occasional sorpasso. And will continue to gain ground according to short-term projections, is TikTok . Just as Hastings pointed to Fortnite in 2019. In mid-2020 he publicly acknowledged that the evolution of the social network owned by ByteDance was remarkable. “Its growth is amazing. It shows the fluidity of entertainment on the Internet ”, the Netflix manager came to admit .

The figures certainly support that analysis. App Annie’s tables on time spent per app show how between 2019 and 2020. TikTok made a considerable leap that allowed it to surpass Netflix. And rise to the Top 5 of the global ranking, a position in which it was still in 2021. Although its important volume of users kept YouTube, Facebook or Instagram at the top of the list. When analyzing other variables, such as the average time spent per user, revealing data is obtain.

Your footprint in the industry: youtube and netflix

If the average viewing time per user calculated by App Annie is taken into account. A figure obtained in apps and Android. The data for the first half of 2021 was higher on TikTok than on YouTube in the United Kingdom and the United States. In global terms, yes, the Google platform around 2,000 million monthly users compared to the 700 million registered by TikTok. In mid-2020, a figure that according to CNBC already reached one billion in September 2021.

What exactly does the App Annie data say? Taking into account the characteristics of its study, TikTok surpassed YouTube in the average time spent by each user in the United Kingdom or the United States. There, those who managed the ByteDance app spent about 24 hours a month , two more than on YouTube . The trend was already then more than indicative.

TikTok: for the first time, a social network ‘made in China’ has a global success: youtube and netflix

Now there are analyzes that indicate that this year the drift will be reinforced. And TikTok users in the United States will spend more time on their platform than those of YouTube. The margin will not be very high, but —they advance— it will widen over the next few years. According to figures managed by Joy Ventures and getWizer. Around 40% of young people from Generation Z spend more than three hours a day on TikTok. A similar proportion to that of YouTube.

Another relevant indicator is the one left by advertising revenue . Its data in the United States is still below that of YouTube. But there are projections that indicate that there will be sorpasso in not long, in 2024. If its forecasts are fulfilled. TikTok will then be around 11.01 billion dollars compared to 10.71 thousand from the platform directed by Susan Wojcicki.

Of course, the global rise of TikTok could be taking time away from streaming video providers. Also, attracting significant advertising dollars due to its wide reach and deep user engagement. TikTok will continue to be a disruptive and gender-bending force in 2022 as they expand their investment in purchases,” App Annie points out in its forecast for this year, when it calculates that it will reach 1.5 billion active users.

Reels will come to Facebook to compete with TikTok twice: youtube amd netflix: In early 2019. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings surprised many by pointing to Fortnite as a direct competitor even more so than HBO

The truth is that in recent years TikTok has been preparing to gain ground. The ByteDance app launched three-minute videos in 2021, a margin that it later widened and ended up extending – in a clear commitment to content with a longer format – to 10 minutes in February 2022. The trend is similar on the opposite side , that of the competition. Both Instagram and YouTube have tried to gain ground in short videos with their Reels and Shorts .

Another of the great features of TikTok —and which explains why Netflix itself has publicly acknowledged that it is closely following in its footsteps— is the profile of TikTok’s public, still very young. A Qustodio report shows that in 2020, Spanish children between the ages of four and 15 spent 65 minutes a day on TikTok, considerably higher than Netflix’s 41. The year-on-year evolution also stands out: 109% on TikTok compared to 2.43%. The big question is: with that user base, will TikTok strengthen and gain mainstreaming over the years? Google.com

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