YouTube copies famous Twitch feature; Look

YouTube is not responsible for the copyright infringements of its users.
YouTube is not responsible for the copyright infringements of its users - Geeko

The platform will enable creators to personalize the chat of their lives.

YouTube has launched its own special emoticons for lives, following in the footsteps of Twitch. The symbols, nicknamed YouTube Emotes, are meant to improve communication between the content creator and his audience by allowing him to personalize the chat.

When the feature is implemented in a stream, users will be able to see a catalog of new custom emotes below the standard ones, but YouTube symbols, like Twitch’s system default, will have particular names for autofill.

For example, if you type “:emote-test:,” it will automatically fill in a comment with the emote represented by that phrase.

Because games are the primary focus of YouTube at the present, various fast expressions such as “GG”, “Game Over”, and “buffering” have been created.

Image: Disclosure/YouTube

“We’re starting with emotes made for games, but we’re planning on bringing, even more, emote themes in the future,” YouTube said in a statement.

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