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Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps for free - StepPhase

Check out the top five Instagram Photo Editing Apps Free,

Interesting options for photo editing apps and editing photos and posting them on Instagram!

When it was launched, Instagram drew attention to the number of filters included, bringing different effects to the images. 

Years later, social networks have become one of the main platforms for publishing photos, and sometimes the filters and editing tools of the app may not be sufficient for the necessary adjustments.

For this, there are several Instagram photo editing apps free for cell phones that help with work. In addition to filters, they offer a variety of resources for manipulating images, ranging from simple options to more complex jobs. 

VSCO Photo Editing App

VSCO is also one of the most popular photo editing apps on cell phones. It stands out for a large number of available filters, including effects that resemble analog camera films. 

In addition to these features, it also offers the manual option to edit the images, including accessing the RAW file of the images. The results are photographs with beautiful retro effects.

PlayStore: VSCO: Photo & Video Editor | AppStore: VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

Polish Photo Editing App

Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps for free - Polish Photo Editing App - StepPhase

It is also one of the most used video editors on cell phones, Polish draws attention for its practicality. 

With a few steps, it is possible to edit images and add graphic resources such as texts, figures, and frames. 

Among the filters, there are also interesting options for “glitch” effects, which simulate image distortions.

PlayStore: Polish Photo Editor | AppStore: Polish Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom

The mobile version of Adobe software is also one of the most complete photo editors for mobile phones. 

It also allows you to manipulate photographs in different ways, creating presets for groups of images and including features used by professionals. 

It is an excellent option for those who want to explore the edition and test the different tools available.

PlayStore: Adobe Lightroom | AppStore: Adobe Lightroom

Hypocam Photo Editing App

Black and white photos are frequent in the Instagram feed. Hypocam is an editor dedicated exclusively to these monochrome photos. 

And make no mistake: the app not only removes colors from the photo but offers different filter options and tools for lighting control, bringing beautiful results.

PlayStore: Hypocam | AppStore: Hypocam

Google Snapseed

Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps for free - SnapSeed - Stepphase

The Google photo editor has many similarities to Lightroom in terms of the number of tools available. 

Serving beginners and experts, it includes presets and accurate modeling of the effects, the ideal version for publication on social networks.

PlayStore: Google Snapseed| AppStore: Google Snapseed

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