Google Workspace: the office suite with the new Gmail becomes free!

Google Workspace, the suite of tools and software that includes Gmail, Drive, Meet, and even Google Docs. Is now available free to all users.

In October 2020, the Google G Suite, which includes the most popular tools and software of the firm, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, or even Google Docs, became Google Workspace. Until then, this set, which offered additional functionalities on the aforementioned tools, was reserved for professionals and companies.

This is no longer the case, as Google has just announced. Indeed, the Google Workspace offer is available free of charge to all Google users as of Monday, June 14, 2021. “ All of the more than three billion existing users, whether private, professional or educational. Have access to the entire Google Workspace experience,” said Google in an official press release.

As a reminder, Google Workspace includes several new features in this formula. Such as smart suggestions in Gmail or in your documents. The ability to send tasks to users in Drive-by tagging them with their Gmail address. Or even the presentation of Google Docs. Sheets or Slides directly in your video conferences on Google Meet.

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If Google Workspace, therefore, becomes free for all users. The Mountain View firm will still offer a paid plan at € 9.99 per month, called Google Workspace Individual. It is primarily intended for self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SMEs. And it offers “ high-end features, including intelligent reservation services, professional video meetings. Personalized email marketing service, and much more”, according to Google.

Note that it is now possible to activate Google Chat, formerly Hangouts, in Gmail on all media. (Desk, Android, iOS, etc.). This feature is available until now in early access . In this regard, Google has also announced upcoming changes to the rooms on Google Chat.

“ Over the summer, we will evolve the shows to become Spaces and launch a simplified. And flexible user interface that will help teams and individuals stay on top of everything that matters,” assures the builder. Google thus evokes the integration of presence indicators, personalized statuses, new icons of “reactions” and the possibility of pinning messages.

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